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Lo Ho Co – Love, Hope, and Compassion Inc.

Donations should be sent:

Rev. Joseph Maitre

Bishop of “Mission Evangelical of the Assemblies of God” in Haiti.

14500 NW 11 Ct.

Miami, Fla 33168

Phone numbers: 768-223-7530 (Fla)

Phone numbers: 718-415-8295 (N.Y.) Missionary Georgina Gonzalez

509-3454-2896 (Haiti)

509-3722-8451 (Haiti)


Bishop Joseph Maitre is a psalmist and is an overseer of 32 churches and 16 schools in Haiti. He first established a mission’s work in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1998. His endeavor is to sow hope and provide a service of relief and empowerment to the communities of people in Haiti to meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs.

He has planted house of worship and schools in different parts of Haiti. As a result LO HO CO (Love, Hope and Compassion) Organization was founded in 2007 to serve a purpose, to save, transform and empower the future of Haiti’s upcoming generation.

Recently, due to the devastation caused by the hurricane one of their school buildings has been completely destroyed leaving more than 600 children without a place to be educated and fed. The majority of these children do not eat a meal unless they come to the school to be nourished and educated.

Rev. Joseph Maitre needs to urgently raise approximately $30,000 to construct a school building and replenish the school fixtures and supplies. They also have an orphanage that they needed to close down due to lack of funds to maintain the operation. There are about 600,000 children in Haiti roaming the streets without a father, mother or a family member to take care of them. They sleep on the streets with no healthcare, no food, no clothes, no shelter and no education.

We desperately need partners that are able to financially make a contribution to help rescue at least some of them. Together in unity we can make a drastic difference in the lives of children and youth.

Would you partner with LO HO CO (Love, Hope and Compassion) to restore the lives of these innocent children and youth to save them from potential delinquency, nakedness and starvation.

We are looking for people with a vision and a heart for the needy and despair especially in regards to children and youth.

Your love and compassion can offer them hope instead of hopelessness. In addition you will receive for your contribution of $200 or more a DVD documentary and photos of their work and progress as a result of your support. Any other contribution is accepted.

Thank you in advance for your attention, time and care.

God Bless




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